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Wear the same shirt everyday

The shirt worth wearing
evry day

The Evry Day Shirt with our breakthrough FLO Fabric, provides the style, comfort and durability you’re looking for, such that you won’t regret wearing it every day. 

Reduce decision fatigue like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama, just wear the same shirt evry day. 

flo fabric


Our custom formulated premium FLO Fabric is designed to move with you. It flows and stretches while still being durable and anti-wrinkle. 


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Evry Mover!

We invite like-minded individuals who share the same pursuit of doing what you’re meant to do, to promote “One Less Decision To Make” advocacy through our Affiliate Program.


Feels so soft in your hand and on your skin, you’d always be looking forward to wearing it. 

Sooo stretchy

Our FLO fabric stretches when you need it to. Whether you’re dancing, tiktok-ing, playing sports, our fabric will adjust to you. 


Wear it out of the dryer. FLO Fabric is woven using material with Extra Long Staples, making it wrinkle much less than other materials. 


Play in it. Dance in it. Run in it. Our Evry Day Shirt will hold up to the activities  you do each day. No need to worry about it. 

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